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Apply For Fully Funded Islamic University of Madinah Scholarships in Saudi Arabia

ByLucky Murakami

Mar 11, 2024

International students who wish to apply for the undergraduate degree program at the institution in Saudi Arabia may do so through the Islamic University of Madinah Scholarships.

The Islamic University, which was founded in 1961, accepts applications from all prospective Muslim students and seeks to develop academics with expertise in Islamic and Arabic Sciences as well as the Islamic faith. It provides instruction in Arabic, Hadith, Sharia, Dawah/Usul al-din, and the Qur’an.

Why Attend Madinah’s Islamic University? While studying at IU, students will obtain the best educational environment as well as opportunities for the career destination. Both the university’s infrastructure and its faculty are of the highest caliber.

Scholarship Advantages
Upon acceptance, a free plane ticket will be provided, as well as a free ticket at the conclusion of each academic year, subject to certain conditions.
a monthly stipend.
An extra benefit for pupils who receive a grade of excellence.
Free, furnished housing for students who are not married.
the food for a nominal monthly fee at the campus restaurant.

Medical care of high quality at the university hospital.

Free daily transportation is provided to and from the Prophet’s Mosque, and organized ‘Umrah (lesser pilgrimage) journeys are frequently scheduled.
use of the university’s recreational, educational, and sporting facilities.

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Scholarship Qualification

countries that can enroll in the Islamic University of Madinah Scholarships: Every country
Acceptable Subjects or Courses: a bachelor’s degree in science
Admissible Criteria: The applicants must fulfill each of the requirements below in order to be eligible:

The candidate must be a devout Muslim man.
The potential student must promise to follow all university policies.

By Lucky Murakami

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