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How To Check NIN BVN NHF Number Using USSD Code

ByLucky Murakami

Oct 7, 2022

Today’s article comes on how to Check your Bank Verification Number(BVN), Nation Identification Number (NIN), and National Housing Fund (NHF) Using USSD Code on your mobile phone.

How To Check My BVN Number

To check your Bank Verification Number Using USSD code, it very simple, just make sure you have 25N airtime in your registered Phone Number used for your BVN, then dial *565*0#.

How To Check National Identification Number (NIN)

For your National Identification Number (NIN). if you have enrolled for the national Id Card. you can get it by Dial *346# on your phone number that associates with your NIMC or BVN.

How To Check National Housing Fund Registration Number

To confirm your NHF registration number, dial *219# from d number u used to register.

By Lucky Murakami

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