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How to Obtain an Ecowas ePassport as a Holder of a Nigerian Passport

ByLucky Murakami

Mar 11, 2024 #visa

What is ECOWAS ePassport?

The official form of identification for all Nigerian citizens is the Ecowas ePassport (international passport). It is necessary for all types of international travel, even inside Africa.

It is typically required as a form of identification for nations with visa-free travel. It permits citizens of member states to remain in their nation for a total of 90 days without requiring any additional permissions.

Qualifications & Member Nations

All citizens of the nations that have ratified the ECOWAS Agreement, which include:

Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania (left 2002), and Ghana.


It is valid for travel inside the ECOWAS Subregion and to nations with visa-free entrance.

Travel authorization document passport:

It is a recognized travel document that is valid for travel between any two of the fifteen (15) ECOWAS member nations.

Identity Form:

  1. This demonstrates the holder’s civic responsibility.
  2. It can take place at the same time as the National Passport.

Conditions for the Issue of an ECOWAS Travel Certificate

  • Properly filled up application.
  • Three (3) current (44 cm) colored passport photos.
  • Indications of age (birth certificate or statutory declaration of age)
  • Introduction letter from the employer (for salaried workers only)
  • Letter from the local government chairman of the petitioner attesting to their Nigerian citizenship.

Application materials for students and trainees must include letters of introduction from the administrators of their institutions that accept Immigration Responsibility (IR) as well as any additional documents that a particular region may demand as proof of Nigerian citizenship.


A travel certificate has a two-year validity period and is renewed for an additional two-year period.

Replacement, Modifications

The following conditions must be met in order to replace a travel certificate:

  1. If the certificate is still valid when the pages are used up.
  2. If the certificate has remained valid for the full ten years.
  3. If it needs to be modified or altered in any way.
  4. If the loss or theft has been proven.


The replacement request must be made using the same form or another one that is specified, and it must be accompanied by the replacement certificate. Only after a fair amount of time (often two to six months) has passed and supported by, a lost or stolen certificate may be replaced.

  1. Evidence of nationality.
  2. Authorities say.
  3. Fee for passport.
  4. N2,600 is the official charge.

By Lucky Murakami

A savant on system network security and information technology with adept leadership skills.

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