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Learning Public Speaking in 2022, Important Questions To Ask Yourself

ByLucky Murakami

Mar 5, 2024

Good day everyone; if you found yourself in a position of learning public speaking in 2022, you need to answer the following questions;

1. How to increase your confidence by developing your “audience persona” and using the appropriate tone and narration?

2. There are four types of speech objectives; how do you tailor your speech to achieve your dream?

3. Outlines are your speech structure. There are four ways you can effectively outline your speech. What are they?

4. Stories are great ingredients to your speech; they grab attention. What makes a story interesting? What elements should your story contain?

5. You come to speak, but you feel weak or tired; how do you warm up your voice, face, and body for an excellent speech?

6. Before you give any speech , there are some dynamic checklists to confirm. What are they? Not checking these dynamics increases your anxiety by 50%, and checking them reduces your stress by 50%.

7. Pre-speech anxiety reduces your potential. Have you ever had an upset stomach, butterflies, knocked knees, feeling flush, sweating, shaking, or dry mouth when you are just about to speak? That’s a sign of anxiety. How do you get rid of this kind of anxiety?

8. Before you give a speech, you need to rehearse it. What are the speech rehearsal techniques?

9. You have the first few seconds to convince your audience whether you are worth listening to or not. What is your credibility? Who you determine whether people will listen to you or not. How do you develop your credibility when you come to speak so that people would want to listen to you?

10. What are the best ways to start a speech? How do you use your word to grab your audience’s attention right away? How to exploit the power of “The Cold Opening”?

11. What are the typical opening mistakes

, and how to avoid them?

12. The use of monotonous tone and lack of vocal variety is dreadful. How do you develop your vocal variety?

13. How to reduce the use of crutch or filler words or verbal fillers?

14. Body language says it all. What are the five body language basics you need to master to project genuineness and confidence while delivering a speech?

15. What to do when faced with tech mishaps?

16. How do you end your speech? What is the powerful way to end an address? And how do you handle Q&A sessions?

17. How to get rid of fear and build confidence in public speaking?

Therefore, having an adequate answer to the above questions will make you ginger yourself.

By Lucky Murakami

A savant on system network security and information technology with adept leadership skills.

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