Mutuwar Sarauniyar England Malamai Sunyi Martani Akan Alakantata Da Manzon Allah

Bayan mutuwar Sarauniyar England Queen Elizabeth, malamai sunci gaba da maida martani zuwa ga masu alakantata da Annabi Muhammad (S.A.W).


Hakan ya biyo yane bayan wasu mutane da suke ta yada maganganu a shafukan sada zumunta bayan mutuwarta.

Me rahoton yaci karo da bidiyon sharhin da malamai sukayi akan wannan batu na alakanta Sarauniyar da Manzon Allah.

Zamu baku cikakaken bidiyon a kasa domin ku kalla gaba daya kuji abinda malamai suke fada.

Wannan shine kadan daga cikin abubuwan da malamai suka tattauna dangane da wannan magana.

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