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Yadda Rayuwar Jaruma Hauwa Waraka Ta Koma Bayan Daina Saka Ta A Fim

ByLucky Murakami

Jul 9, 2022

Shin ko kuna da masaniyar yadda rayuwar babbar jarumar kannywood ta koma wato hauwa waraka wacce an dade anan fafatawa da ita:

Today we bring you the story of the great kannywood actress Hauwa Waraka who is very famous in the field of film in her country Nigeria and other African countries.

Who is Hauwa Waraka?

Famous kannywood actress and businesswoman hauwa Abubakar popularly known for her stage name hauwa waraka is a talented and fulfilling kannywood hero but some see her as a shameless woman who in fact declares that she is not.

She was born in Jos and grew up in Kano State before moving back to Jos where she got married.

She later returned to Kano State where she lived after her marriage which ended in divorce.

She has appeared in the kannywood Hausa film industry but the actress has not been seen for a years.

A few days ago she was seen in this famous film (Gidan Badamasi) and later she was removed from this film.

She has not been seen since then except this video we received Hauwa Waraka makes an important statement in this video she has released.

By Lucky Murakami

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